The Arts & Culture Coalition of Pierce County consists of the directors or volunteer leadership from 26 arts, culture and heritage organizations located in the City of Tacoma and throughout Pierce County.

By working as a collective, we aim to:

·       Enhance the perception of quality arts, heritage, and culture experiences available to South Sound audiences.

·       Increase funding for and streamline cooperation of arts, heritage, and cultural organizations.

·       Increase awareness, attendance and support of local arts, culture, and heritage venues.

Coalition members are united in a commitment to tackling these projects and initiatives together. Your participation will strengthen our actions, our messages, and our impact.


join us!

We welcome everyone, from the smallest volunteer supported heritage site to an emerging performing arts group to the grandest museum venue. We trust you will find a collaborative group of leaders willing to share knowledge and expertise and learn from one another.

fill out MEMBERSHIP FORM & mail in check

Please provide your organization's website.
See below for instructions on calculating dues.

Calculating Annual Dues

Annual dues for participation in the Arts & Culture Coalition of Pierce County are based on each organization's annual budget. Due to matching funds secured for a focus on activities within the City of Tacoma, there is an additional fee, also dependent on annual budget, for organizations within city limits.  Please the chart below to calculate your annual dues.

BudgetXCoalitionXTacoma AddAnnual Total
Greater than $2 million$1,500.00$400.00
$1-2 million$750.00$200.00
$500,000 - 1 million$500.00$100.00
$250 - 500,000$250.00$75.00
$100 - 250,000$100.00$50.00
Less than $100,000$40.00$20.00

Checks should be made payable to: 
Arts & Culture Coalition of Pierce County
c/o The Grand Cinema
606 S. Fawcett
Tacoma, WA 98402